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The pair were found guilty of murder by a jury after just 18 minutes of deliberation and executed at Holloway in February 1903.

It was the only double-hanging in modern times and was carried out by Henry Pierrepoint.

Although the letters did not explicitly mention murder and Freddie claimed he acted alone, they damned Edith and she was hanged at precisely the same time as Bywaters.

Prison records uncovered by the programme show that she put on 11lb in the month before her execution, despite the appalling food.

'Looking at me, you might imagine you see a man who is complete, but a man like me without a sincere friend is unable to reach his full potential,' wrote Antoine Ealy, right.

At the beginning of the last century the final male inmate was moved out of Holloway House of Corrections.

With its mix of sexes the prison had become a cesspit of immorality and the Victorians feared that it was a breeding ground for the next generation of criminals.

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Edith, 29, had a younger lover, Freddie Bywaters, who stabbed Percy outside the Criterion Theatre in London's Piccadilly.

At her trial love letters were produced which appeared to show that she encouraged Bywaters to kill.

Jill Dawson, author of Fred And Edie, says: "Edith was quite a shocking figure. She represented all the things that threatened the idea of women living at home and having babies." During her trial Edith was portrayed as a scarlet woman who had driven her lover to kill.

Eventually she was joined by her husband, who became the only male prisoner in the history of the prison in its women-only form.

Oswald was said to drive other inmates to distraction by stripping off his shirt to sunbathe.

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