Who is christina aguilera dating in 2016

What inspires you about her style back then, and what pieces do you love recreating these days?Kendall: Paris is a family friend, so like our big sisters we have always admired her fashion sense.However, as the camera swooped in for the usual audience reaction shots, fans caught Pink with a rather perplexing look on her face. Indicative of one of two things: either she was mildly repulsed by Aguilera's key fluctuations, or she was overwhelmed by her talent - and was really, emotionally feeling the groove.As per usual, the internet had a lot to say on the matter.When you think about it, the Jenners are particularly fitting subjects for a Matrix revival, seeing that both their personal and professional lives blur the difference between what is real and what is fake.What allows them to succeed is that they are all aware of this fact, and thus it is no coincidence that the only way to exit the Matrix is to pick up a phone. Do you guys ever talk on the phone, or do you prefer text?

With her statement jacket, the current Oreo spokeswoman sported a black and white striped top.She's been promising her return to the music scene since 2014.But on Sunday morning, her movie career took top priority as Christina Aguilera hit the red carpet for The Emoji Movie in Westwood, California.Kendall: I prefer texting versus talking on the phone, but sometimes you have to take the call—it’s more personal and nothing is left to interpretation.Kylie: We thought the cell phone t-shirts would just be a fun way to interact with our fans, so call us!

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