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Naraku will send a Miasma and you cannot get through it.

However, Kagura will use "Dance Of Blade" and defeat the puppet.

Defeating Kanna Wait for her to turn and say either "Give me your soul" or "Listen to my voice", then attack her.

If you attack her when she says "You can have it back", your attack will be deflected back to you.

Village Festival Tell Inuyasha to "drum softer", Kagome to "put your back into it'', Shippo to ''be more lively'', Miroku to ''drum harder'', and Sango to ''move your body''.

Swamp To find Koga in the swamp, when you enter it, go up, left, the second passage left, left, down.

Sango takes a bath After you get the Miatamo fruit and get "Blueskycalmity" from Kakuju, choose to rest.

For example, if Kaname's relationship was strongest with Inuyasha's, then their third co-op attack will be the strongest, no matter if it is two girls or two boys or a girl and a boy. Look at the bottom of the screen to see what resembles a door. The cat can be found in between the stairs that lead up, and the stairs that go down on the first floor you enter in the castle.

Reaching the Spider Demon Go to the uppermost left side of the Temple and get the key. Mystery events To unlock mystery field events for your bonus, you must raise your seeds well. When the time arrives, you will receive fruit items from the field guardian.

Say "Yes" for him to suck your blood and you will get a Rainbow Seed.

Breaking the barrier When you get to the parts in the games where Naraku, Kagura, or Utsugi are defeated, always use Blue Sky Calamity (even if someone comes there to help you break the barrier).

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