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The names should be meaningful swlist –l bundle –s $PWD # Initializing… # # Target: myhost:/Depots/tmp/depot # 201510HPUXPATCHMYCOMPANY B.20 MYCOMPANYFALL2015 QPKAPPS B..411a Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v3, March 2015 QPKBASE B..411a Base Quality Pack Bundle for HP-UX 11i v3, March 2015 Next step copy them to a single install point: swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=FALSE -x reinstall=TRUE -x write_remote_files=TRUE -d -s $PWD \* @ /Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second … WARNING: “myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”: The software dependencies for 4 products or filesets cannot be resolved.

* The execution phase succeeded for “myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”. NOTE: More information may be found in the agent logfile using the command “swjob -a log myhost-2347 @ myhost:/Depots/B.11.31/2015FY_second”.

From September 2009 OEUR and beyond, Vx FS 5.0 is installed by default.

However, both Vx FS 4.1 and 5.0 continue to be included as they were in past OEURs.

Explicit de-selection of Vx FS 5.0 in the Ignite-UX tool is required if you prefer stay on Vx FS 4.1. NOTE: More information may be found in the Software Manager logfile "/var/opt/swm/swm.log".

(See the white paper referenced above.) ONE IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU USE ONLINEJFS: Updates from HP-UX 11i v2 with Online JFS 4.1 to HP-UX 11i v3 with Online JFS 5.0 To update HP-UX 11i v2 systems that are installed with HP-UX 11i v2 Online JFS 4.1 and that you want to update to HP-UX 11i v3 with Online JFS 5.0 (B3929FB), you must deselect HP-UX 11i v3 On Line JFS 4.1 (B3929EA) during the update. ======= 11/13/09 MET Operating Environment Update - Saving State and Rebooting (user=root) (jobid=000002) IT reboots once more after configuring the filesets, then when it comes up we have: # uname -a HP-UX rxppcv01 B.11.31 U ia64 1673824161 unlimited-user license It's time to check everything is ok: First check all the logs, looking for errors, you can check: /var/adm/sw//var/opt/swm/First get rid of any old software that could be left over from 11.23: # swlist -l bundle | grep -i 11.23 (11-13 ) B3901BA C. HP C/ANSI C Developer's Bundle (S800) B3913DB C. HP a C Compiler (S800) B9073BA B.. HP-UX i COD Instant Capacity (i CAP) B9901AA A..01 HP IPFilter 3.5alpha5 BUNDLE B.20 MDEF-11.23-JUN08 BUNDLE11i B..3 Required Patch Bundle for HP-UX 11i v2 (B.11.23), September 2004 HPUXBase Aux B. HP-UX Base OS Auxiliary HPUXBase OS B.11.23 HP-UX Base OS Judy B..17 Judy Library and Related files FREEWARE A.2.0 Coleccisn de Software libre para HP-UX 11.23 MSV2V3Check B. HP-UX 11iv2 to 11iv3 Mass Storage Check Utility I swremove all of them except for FREEWARE(to lazy to download all of them for 11.31 again, I will do in a future ; D) After that a nice swverify, and fix all the file sets that had errors, for example: # swverify \* (11-13 ) ======= 11/13/09 MET BEGIN swverify SESSION (non-interactive) (jobid=rxppcv01-0065) ERROR: File "/./sbin/init.d/rstems Listener" should have mode "500" but the actual mode is "555".

We have to install the 11.31 version of update-ux so we have the -p preview option, we run the preview update-ux on the active image, so we can check if any of our filesystems needs more space for the update: #swinstall -s sdprinte:/var/opt/ignite/depot/Rel_B.11.31/releases/11.31v5-0909 Update-UX #update-ux -p -s sd:/var/opt/ignite/depot/Rel_B.11.31/releases/11.31v5-0909 HPUX11i-BOE (After the preview if update-ux tells us that we need a larger size filesystem, we can use our DRD clone to extend the filesystems that need it, this part of extending file systems with Dr D I am going to write it in a separate paper, and I will publish it here very soon.) My Update-Ux summary, all wen't perfect, so I am going to update(cross your fingers) * Analysis Summary - Reboot needed: Yes - Kernel build needed: Yes - Number of check scripts run: 121 (7 excluded, 0 failed) - Install: 60 bundles 1079 filesets - Update: 49 bundles 943 filesets Once it has finished installing, reboot time... Make sure to save the output of the swlist command so you can reference it later.#/usr/sbin/swlist -l bundle -l product/tmp/software_list Test compiling the kernel: As root, enter:/usr/bin/mk_kernel –o /stand/vmunix Fix any problems listed in the mk_kernel output.Do not lose a chance to be happy and enjoy every single moment of life, sharing sweet memories with a special man or woman.Being with a kind and supportive person can make your world a different kind of place, and you will see how colorful and joyful it may be.

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