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" Consumer technology may grab all the headlines, but some of the most exciting innovations in tech (Watson, anyone?

) are taking place inside companies that serve enterprises. How are they turning social media into a business tool?

By 2050, more than 50% of world GDP will be generated in Asia.

Regional leaders weigh in on the new Asia marketplace – including its risks, opportunities and areas that will see the biggest growth, greatest impact, and strongest return.

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" In the quest to make our cities, towns, homes, and transportation more sustainable, information technology is playing an increasingly crucial role.Lives on every continent will be improved…and disrupted.Entire industries will become smarter…and potentially less secure.These sessions will explore practical ways sustainable thinking and innovations can enhance your company’s bottom line." As the world warms and weather patterns worsen, the energy industry is rushing to find low carbon sources of power. Natural gas is cheap and abundant but controversial—will it crowd out coal, wind, and solar? Is geo-engineering the answer to counteract climate change?

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