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In battle scenes, for instance, the rhythm quickens and the singer is said to be abmannahansang, that is, chanting his lines in a staccato manner.

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The Moros depend much on other peoples for their supply of beeswax for caulking their vessels.Buy-anon, the daughter, invites him to sit on her lap, but the boy refuses, saying he is merely a boy. He is well received and is offered the young daughter of the datu, named Paniguan. Then he fights the invaders by the seashore; the deaths are innumerable.She appears, offers him chew, and asks him to be her husband, saying he will be their savior. The leader of the invaders invites Tanagyaw to his country.There is no single standard narrative for the sengedurug nor limit to the number of stories that can be told; hence, the multiplicity of Agyu stories.As early as 1913, Fay Cooper Cole published stories of Agyu, which he described as a “bedtime chant.” Tranquilino Sitoy of Misamis Oriental discovered another Agyu song and published it in English in 1937. Arsenio Manuel transcribed the epic and entitled it Agyu: The Ilianon Epic of Mindanao.

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