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My family started searching for me and came to know that I was living in a Muslim camp.'Speaking to Mail Today at the Hindu Rohingya camp in Kotupalong area of Cox's Bazar district of Bangladesh, she says her red sari is the only item of clothing she owns, and that her three-year-old son has no clothes at all.

Rica Dhar, 28, narrates a similar tragic tale as she feeds her young son.'On Friday (August 25) they entered all the Hindu residences and attacked.

Orchestrated relational unions might not be as awful several individuals think, once you comprehend that organized marriage has existed likely since man comprehended the worth and vitality of marriage, it appears legitimate so it helps in enabling a teenager couple together for multiplication.

As youthful Muslims note that the shots of discovering somebody through parental contribution gradually diminish, they think the load growing their perspectives.

A majority of them are Muslim, but there is a small minority who are Hindu.

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Ms Dhar and Ms Mullick say there were six more women who shared their fate, who were still living in the Muslim majority camp with their captors.'We are victims of Burma army and now we are being tortured here also.

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Muslims have some major snags discovering love and sentiment.

They've either your choice of a masterminded marriage or discovering an accomplice on their unique drive.

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