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A live view of the Speedway can be seen via the Eldora Weather Cam perched high above the Turn Three Suites.

The camera is part of an on-site weather station that sends data to several weather agencies including the National Weather Service. You may have to refresh this page to see a current image.

I've never understood why Lesvos hasn't been more popular it is an amazing destination.

Not sure if it's a new camera or if you've just cleaned the lense, But it is 100% claerer.

It is the Greek letter B that causes the confusion with Lesbos/Lesvos.

The Greek letter beta (B) is pronounced V - so the correct way to say the name of the island is 'Lesvos'.

The Agency organizes meetings to inform the public of the activities and actions.

The village is populated since antiquity as the ancient Mithymna was built at same position but unfortunately not much was saved. Nearby is Eftalou, with the famous beach and the thermal spas.

Molyvos Tourism Organization undertook to highlight the unique environmental and cultural resources of the area, to highlight the Molivos Lesvos as a unique tourist destination and offers visitors unforgettable vacation.

Thank you.Δεν είστε σίγουροι αν πρόκειται για μια νέα κάμερα ή αν έχετε μόλις καθαρίσει το φακό, αλλά είναι 100% clarer. Mythimna or Molyvos is a large traditional village, located in northern northwest coast of the island, 62 km. Molyvos is one of the most tourist areas of the island and is characterized by its natural beauty and its picturesque architecture.

The houses with their traditional architecture made of stone and wood and painted with bright colors, combined with the impressive Byzantine castle that dominates the area, create a picturesque and romantic environment.

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