Kids dating at a young age

On Eliot’s fourth birthday, I started him with a Pac-Man plug-and-play TV game loaded with arcade classics — Galaxian (1979), Rally-X (1980), Bosconian (1981), Dig Dug (1982), and of course, Pac-Man (1980) and three sequels, Super Pac-Man (1982), Pac-Man Plus (1982), and Pac & Pal (1983).Until the moment he picked up the joystick, part of me secretly dreaded he’d have no interest in it.He was only meant to stay at the school for two terms but ended up staying for over a year, and he will be returning to mainstream education in September.Mel has seen the difference in her son, telling Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes: 'He's a lot calmer, a lot politer, he knows what's gonna tip him over the edge.

What surprised me most though is that folks who concerned about the prudence of such a decision weren’t worried that my children might not learn enough or the the right things.

About a year ago, when I first started considering taking my kids out of public school, I wasn’t met with the kind of incredulous questioning that I expected after suggesting something so reckless and foolhardy.

For the most part people were excited and supportive and helpful.

Alfie's mum Mel, who was also on the show, said her son is 'calmer' and 'politer' thanks to the school, where Sharon said staff concentrated on his self-esteem and 'how he felt emotionally'.

Alfie was just seven when he got excluded for ongoing bad behaviour, which resulted in Mel being called in to speak to teachers every day.

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