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Yet, he said, he was surprised that cohabiters fared similarly to the divorced and remarried versus those who’d been continuously married or widowed.“Children are more accepting of their parents’ new nonmarital unions,” Wright said at a Population Association of America meeting in April in Chicago.Still, he said in an interview, “We really need to think about, as time goes on and the proportion of cohabitation grows, what does it mean on a societal basis of providing care?Although Stedman Graham is known mostly as a partner of Oprah Winfrey, he has also accomplished his goals by himself, such as being an author, spokesperson, educator and businessman.Moreover, he is known to be one of the founders of a company “Graham & Associates”.The couple has been together since 1986, thus it is safe to say that the relationship with Oprah Winfrey boyfriend Stedman Graham is one of her longest ones.In 1992 the couple was even engaged to get married, but the wedding ceremony never happened.

It has been known that Oprah Winfrey has been dating Stedman Graham for a long time.

That’s up 29 percent from 2007, but what surprised the Pew Research Center, which issues periodic reports on demographic trends, is that the number of cohabiting adults 50 and older shot up 75 percent over the last decade.“The sheer number is striking,” said Pew research analyst Renee Stepler.

“Cohabiting adults 50 and older make up one-quarter of all cohabiters today, and that’s striking because cohabitation used to be a step before marriage.”The fact that seniors living together outpaced other age groups in the time period is raising questions and eyebrows — among researchers trying to map out what the tidal wave of aging baby boomers may mean to everything from housing to health care.

After Bowling Green State University sociology professor Susan L.

Brown offered thoughts on the latest Pew figures on a radio talk show in May, one listener posted: “Shouldn’t conservatives be in outrage that old people are redefining marriage by making it superfluous?

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