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Garden Gazing Balls) Crystal Balls (are never just harmless fun) Crystal Therapy (dangers of) Cult Leader Charged with Rape Cult – Could you be Swept Into a Cult?Cult – (Workers Fired for Not Attending Scientology Classes) Cupping Cupping (and Michael Phelps) Curses (Part 1) Curses (Part 2) Cursillo Movement Curves (and yoga) D’Arcy, Paula Da Faria, Joao Texiera (John of God) Daniel Diet Day, Dr.

) Alternatives (Distinguishing Good Medicine from Quackery) Alternatives (Purveyor of Alternative Cancer Cure Gets 14 Years) Alternatives (Used by terminally ill) Ama Deus Healing Amber Teething Necklaces Ambrotrose (Glyconutrients) Amen, Dr. Gabriele (dies at 91) Amway Anagrams Anam Cara (Life Coaching) Angel Boards Angel Guardians (Should we Name Them?

) Devil (admits fear of Rosary) Devil (doesn’t care about your intentions) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Dietary Enzymes Dieting (as a religion) Discerning Spiritual Techniques and Therapies Discerning Manifestations Disney (Magic Sorcerer Cards) Diversity (How Diversity and Consumerism is Fueling the New Age) Dismantling “The Shack” DNA Activation Doctors who incorporate New Age into practice DOGA Dog Whisperer do TERRA (and essential oil quality) Dougherty, Ned (and Near Death Experiences) Doulas Downey, Roma Dowsers (California Uses to End Drought) Dowsing (Water-Witching) Dowsing with a Rosary Dreamcatchers Dreamwork Dreams (when they become obsessive) Dry Needling Druidry (UK recognizes as religion) Drumming Circles Dubstep Dungeons and Dragons Dunning, Jo Dyer, Wayne Dr Dyer, Wayne Dr Eclipse, Apocalypse & Book of Revelation (end of world theory) Eckankar (Survivor Speaks Out) Eckhart, Meister EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Eden, Donna Edward, John (Catholic Psychic Says Afterworld is Bipartisan) Edward, Mark (Admits Conning Clients) Egoscue Method Egyptian Statue Turns Itself Eker, T.

Harv Electro Convulsive Therapy (Shock Therapy) Electro-therapeutic Point Stimulation Therapy (ETPS) Elise, Tracy (Phoenix Goddess Temple) Email Prayer Chains Embraced by the Light (Betty Eadie) EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Emile Coue Emotional Energy (contained in organs?

Lorraine Day of the Dead De Chardin, Pierre Tielhard Del Ray, Lana (places hex on Trump) De Mello Anthony, S. – The Questionable Opinions of Anthony De Mello, S. Demon that targets families Demonic Infestations Demonic Possession (more common than we think?

) Desai, Panache Devil (Is Pope Francis Obsessed With?

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