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He got a 36 per cent share of the vote in 2005 – much less than Corbyn.

He received a 41 per cent of the vote – about the same as Corbyn – in 2001.

While Theresa May is in the process of forming a minority government with a small radical conservative party from Northern Ireland, there has already been a backlash, mass petitions and protests against it and UK history has shown in similar circumstances that the second place finisher, may, in the end form the government. He is preparing to present a Queen’s speech in which he will say that he and his party are “ready to serve” and will continue to push his program through Parliament.

He is calling on other parties to defeat the government in Parliament. Jonathan Cook, a British political commentator, writes in “The Facts Proving Corbyn’s Election Triumph” that Corbyn received 41 percent of the vote against May’s 44 percent.

We review what happened and consider the possibilities for creating transformative change in the United States.

This gives great power to big business interests, and while it can be overcome, it is a steep hill to climb.It is time for the “leaders” of Labor to follow the lead of the people and of Jeremy Corbyn.Sunkara argues Corbyn demonstrated that a winning campaign strategy is “to offer hopes and dreams to people, not just fear and diminished expectations.” In current US terms that means it is insufficient just to oppose Trump, a positive vision for the future that shows what a candidate and party stand for is needed, e.g.And Blair’s landslide victory in 1997 was secured on 43 per cent of the vote, just two percentage points ahead of Corbyn last night.“This is the first election Labour has won seats in since 1997, and the party got its largest share of the vote since 2005 — all while closing a twenty-four point deficit.

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