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Prior to his career as a civil engineer, he was a keen musician and regularly played the pubs and hotels of the burgeoning spa town of Harrogate.

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His aptitude for completing the work within budget and over treacherous terrain was unparalled.“On foot and horseback he had explored more of Britain than the majority of his contemporaries,” says Knaresborough resident Bernard Higgins, who is helping lead the three-hundreth anniversary celebrations of Blind Jack.

Perhaps in this 300th year since his birth, Blind Jack will finally assume his rightful place as one of Yorkshire’s most inspirational sons.

These are personal histories and memories of life in and around Knaresborough in earlier times.

For many children born to a family with low social status in the early part of the 18th century, that would have been a death sentence of sorts.

But through immeasurable talent and sheer force of will, he ended up changing his fate. The list is nothing short of incredible, but the most notable of these achievements is becoming the man who shaped the modern motorway system of the north.

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