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A lot of nerves can come up when we’re faced with an attractive woman who we’ve never met before.In the long run, character building will have the biggest affect on the quality of relationships you get into.After 30 minutes you will walk away with valuable information as well as get a good feel for our relationship, and where coaching fits best into your life.Other men who’ve tried may have had bad experiences when it didn’t work out well: So what’s a guy to do?

Just as going to the gym will help you build muscle or burn fat, social training will build up your courage and social skills so you can get dates on your own terms.

My relationship coaching, dating coaching and marriage coaching employs a unique process which utilizes a combination of education, counselling and coaching that will allow you to immediately begin to improve the quality of your relationships, and ultimately, your life.

I partner with both couples and singles to educate you on the masculine and feminine dance underlying all relationship dynamics and help you to move forward with this knowledge in a powerful and life changing way.

Through Joel’s guidance and teachings I have a much deeper understanding of who I am than I ever had before, and I like what I see.

I have nothing but admiration for Joel and the knowledge he shares.

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