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American Jews cheer Detroit Tigers' Hank Greenberg when he refuses to play ball on Yom Kippur.In 1938, with five games left to the season, Greenberg's 58 home runs are two shy of Babe Ruth's record.The Vaad Leumi rejected the British ultimatum while the Irgun passed out leaflets that it was prepared to fight to the death against the British authority.The first 700 of some 1,500 British women and children ordered to evacuate Palestine leave by plane and train for Egypt. Sir Evelyn Barker, retiring British commander in Palestine, had confirmed the death sentences of three Irgun members on February 12 before leaving for England. Mac Millian arrived in Jerusalem on February 13 to succeed Gen. The Sabbath was the setting for sporadic outbreaks of violence which included the murder of an Arab in Jaffa and of a Jew in B'nai B'rak, the kidnapping of a Jew in Petah Tikvah and the burning of a Jewish club in Haifa.

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France and Belgium occupy the Ruhr after an economically broken Germany is unable to meet the annual installment of its war-reparations payments designed to pay off Germany's billion war debt.

Irgun took the action against the railways on September 8, as a protest..

Two British soldiers are killed when their truck detonated a kind mine outside Jerusalem.

Two ships carrying a total of 1,300 Jewish refugees arrived at Haifa.

The port area was isolated on August 11 by British military and naval units.

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